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Resource Center
I have just spent some time going though the mods section and am curious if anyone with GT ever updates this db for dead links? I also noticed what appears to be links to the forum that don't funtion. And, there are links to the forum that goes through 2-3 pages of discussion without any appearance of a definitive mod with full instructions being pulled together into one post.

I am using Links2 on 2 sites currently and will be doing 2 more and love the script. One is getting to the point where SQL will be needed to keep it from falling over. GTsql is the obvious choice! Anyway, just my thoughts on the state of the resource center currently. There is a wealth of info there, but invariably the mod I am interested in has a link that goes no where or to a thread that makes my head wanna explode trying to follow it. Unsure Cleaning out the dead stuff would be a help though.

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Yeah, this has been discused quite a bit. I think the main problem is thatthe people at GT are just waaay yo busy making such great scripts to keep itgoing. It is, unfortunatly, down to the users to make a thread dedicated to mods(and to also add them to the resource center). I can see where you are comingfrom when saying that it has loads of info there, but its just so hard to findit! Tongue

There are other resources out there for Links 2, I just cant seem to rememberwhere they are off by hand Crazy

Andy (mod)
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