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Re: readme.txt

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Re: readme.txt
I can't help wondering why no-one has updated readme.txt to include omissions (some permissions, db.links.bak, etc) that are going to trip up a lot of new users.

Like - judging from the many posts - a lot of others, I installed the scripts exactly as described, only to find myself needing to search this board for solutions to problems that arose immediately I tried to run them. It's not exactly confidence inspiring, as regards the company or its products, to be running for help so early in the game...

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Re: readme.txt In reply to
You mean links.db.bak, right??? Wink

This is a question that you should address directly with Gossamer Threads via their contact form.

I do know that their efforts have focused on LINKS SQL and DBMAN SQL upgrades and also releasing other products like MySQLMan and Gossamer Mail.

Don't hold your breath about Links 2.0 being upgraded any time in the near or distant future.



Eliot Lee