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What causes this 404 error

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What causes this 404 error
I'm confused! Links added yesterday are fine. I've not touched any scripts, so there shouldn't be a problem there. Today, links that I've added show 404 file not found. Example:

Added a link to Education/American_Civil_War category, built pages. The links shows up on the new page, on the main page, there is an increase number under Education under subcat page, there is the new subcat American Civil War, and the (1) beside it, but when I click the link I get a 404 error.
This is happening to all files added today only (as far as I can tell) I tried build all, and both staggard builds, so what is causing this? Like I said, I haven't touched the links.cfg or anything else for the last few days, and the links I added yesterday appear ok. HELP!

Confused and scratching head in awesome wonder,

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Ok, I found the problem...

I have been adding new links like crazy, I had my new date cutoff at 7, but that was still too much. I have added over 600 links in the last 7 days, I noticed when I used build all, it said "done" after it built the new pages, not the entire database. So I went to the links.cfg and changed the new date cutoff to 2 and now obviously I have enough memory, or whatever, to make build all complete its job. So all is well again, for now...