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Question using templates..

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Question using templates..

I'm making (or attempting to make) a webmaster resource directory at http://www.webmasterdomain.net, but have one question. First off I want to say I'm just experimenting with my site and links right now, nobody is coming to it yet, have not promoted it yet, and the frontpage isn't totally complete yet. Sorry if my question sounds a bit weird but I don't know much about links, but is there any way to display categories on the main category display page as a list (like I've done on my site, please look, http://www.webmasterdomain.net), and have a display of how many links there are following the link? As you can probley see, I would need to make the link URL's myself and it wouldn't be automatically generated through the admin interface.., so does anyone know if this is possible?

thank you for anyone's help,

Dan Gessler
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