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Not Adding to "New Sites"

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Not Adding to "New Sites"
I recently moved my website to a new server. Everything switched over fairly easy, but I am having a small problem.

I can do everything, including adding new sites, but when I add a new site and then build the database it does not show anything under "New Sites". It also shows no results on the "New Sites" page.

"Cool/Popular Sites" work both in the "Build" screen and the "Cool Sites" page.

It is adding the site to the database, but not recording it as "New" which means it doesn't not get a "New" image nor does it get listed on the "New Sites" page..

Any help appriciated..
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Re: [Mainer] Not Adding to "New Sites" In reply to
1) Double check the permission of your New folder (make sure it's 777).

2) Check your Perl version (there have been date related problems like with NEW pages due to different versions of Perl).
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