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NEW Links2 FAQ Site

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NEW Links2 FAQ Site
I've been hard at work all day and have made a new Links2 FAQ site as there have been quite a few complaints about the lack of support resources.

I hope I have made it easy to navigate and to find relevant info, but also it is great because I have set it up like the GT resources section in that you can submit multiple resources and when you go to modify.cgi you will be asked to enter the username and password you created when you added your first resource and you will be logged in and all your additions to the directory will be listed infront of you so you can choose which one you want to modify. It is great even if I say so myself.

I would appreciate comments (or ideas for new categories). I did a lot of custom work on the scripts so there may be bugs here and there so if you find any please let me know, but most importantly..enjoy!


I've added a big textarea for those who wish to submit faq's such as how to add fields to links.def etc....if you wish to just submit a link to a faq/resource that is on your own server then that is fine, just leave the big textarea empty, but if you enter stuff in it, a detailed page will be built automatically with your faq on it.

Hope you like it.