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Links on Cobalt RAQ2

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Links on Cobalt RAQ2
Anyone got it working on a RAQ2??

I switched the scripts from a Solaris to a RAQ2, just changed the config files to point to the new directory path, etc. and nph-build and nph-verify dont work from the browser any more (500 Server Error).

Strangest thing is that the scripts seem to work fine by calling them from a telnet shell.

Any ideas why they wouldnt work from the browser, but do work from telnet?? (about 1600 links).
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Re: Links on Cobalt RAQ2 In reply to
I'm having the same exact problem! On communitech? Everything works great in telnet, but I get all the cgiwrap errors when trying to build from my browser, all my basic database options still work (like adding/deleting/modifying links) it's just when I try to build.

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Re: Links on Cobalt RAQ2 In reply to
Cobalt RAQs are the biggest pieces of junk out there...

The problem you're having is because Cobalt RAQ's don't allow "nph" scripts to run. In order to get past the problems you're having, either run the programs from Telnet, or disable the "nph" part of the script by commenting out the extra header line:

print "HTTP/1.0 200 OK\n";

Aside from that, you'll notice horrible performance on these machines as a result of an overly aggressive CGIWRAP system.

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Re: Links on Cobalt RAQ2 In reply to

I set up Links 1.1 ages ago on a server running cgiwrap and the thing one had to do was rename or change the pasth to nph scripts. I seem to remember finding this out on the cgiwrappers web site.

Also there are some messages on the cobalt site email list archive about using links.

Hope this helps

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Re: Links on Cobalt RAQ2 In reply to
Cobalt RAQs don't use a normal CGI Wrapper...
It's a Cobalt-Specific, custom, very brutal (from a resource perspective) system of verifying file ownership, permissions, and disk quotas on the fly... end result is that you could seriously wait up to 1.5 to 2 seconds before your script even starts running while it does it's thing... too much checking, IMO.

Anyway, for the nph script thing, just uncomment that line, and you're set. It's the cobalt RAQ version of apache that's knocking the script down when it sees that header line come through.

Unless you're "root" on that machine, there's no other way around it. Disabling that line, (thus, removing the benifet of "nph") will allow your script to run, but you will most likely run into browser timeout issues as a result. Best to run your build from telnet if you can...
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Re: Links on Cobalt RAQ2 In reply to
thanks dudes...

great help. you all stopped me thinking i was going crazy.

Ive got root on the raq, so i might try to disable some of that cgi-wrapping
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Re: Links on Cobalt RAQ2 In reply to
Here we go, from the cobalt support pages... how to remove cgi-wrap. question is, if i remove cgi-wrap, will that make the server less secure??

How do I go about disabling or removing CGIwrap?

To remove CGI wrapper, comment out :

# To use CGI scripts:
Action cgi-wrapper /cgi-bin/cgiwrap/
AddHandler cgi-wrapper .cgi
AddHandler cgi-wrapper .pl

from /etc/httpd/conf/srm.conf

and then make sure your cgis are in /home/httpd/cgi-bin/.