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Categories, Search Results, index.htm, annoying underscores! PLEASE HELP!

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Categories, Search Results, index.htm, annoying underscores! PLEASE HELP!

I have been playing around with the Links script, and I have come across a few problems which I would be grateful if someone could help me! The answers to my questions have probably been listed before, so if they have I apologise!

Problem 1 : I have edited the link.html template, and now when I search for something (for example : scripts) the search results will look like this :

Computers_and_Internet/Scripts/ Gossamer Threads
description : blah blah blah
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So basically, the category is on the same line as the site's name, is it possible to put a line break in to make the site's title underneath the category? If so where?

Problem 2 : I dont want the index.htm to change everytime I build the database, so where do I change the filename so it doesn't change the index.htm?

Problem 3 : Is it possible to display the Categories name in the <title></title> tag without the underscores?

Problem 4 : Well...not really problem, I was just wondering whether someone has come up with an add-on which changes the bullet points in the search results to numbered?

Many thanks to anyone that can help me.


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Re: Categories, Search Results, index.htm, annoying underscores! PLEASE HELP! In reply to
Solution1: Go into your search.cgi file and edit the following line:

$link_results .= qq|<P>$title_linked\n|;

Add a <br> after $title_linked.

BTW: This has been discussed before in the Modification Forum.

Solution2: Why? If you have numbers with your categories or a list of site updates (like a total number of links), you will need to rebuild your index.htm. This would be complex to do for a Perl novice.

Solution3: Uh...Yea, use the following tag:


BTW: There is a link in your LINKS MANAGER console in the Edit Templates screen that goes to a page for each template file that lists tags that you can use in those template files.

Solution4: Nope...But has been requested many times in the Modification Forum.


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