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Building pages and losing framed page link

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Building pages and losing framed page link
Having just sent in my full payment for links, I consider myself licensed. I tried loading the version of links over the last several months and finally got it -- I thought to what I wanted. Right length of URL - right description length, et cetera.
Then --- silly me. I though I'd make my site one with FRAMES. The left frame is a site travel frame; the main frame the result frame that also supports all the links info.
Problem was when I rebuilt -- I had to go into the config file of links to make build_url_route the main frame or whenever it reloaded it would bring up a second left hand row. Problem with that solved problem is now the NEW and COOL and RATED pages are not found because the engine looks "Through" the Frame page to get to the page it wants.
I'm running back and forth between my bar-be-que and the computer, so leave me some info if anyone can. Thanks.