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Add.html ok, but add.cgi breaks

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Add.html ok, but add.cgi breaks
Hi fellas,
I recently had links 2.0 installed with the help of my friend and co-worker, and everything went okay in the end.

I then wanted the Links program to be able to look like the rest of my site, which I'm building in Net Objects 3.0. So, I made a template page, published that, then used the heads and body parts of the Links default templates to my own site template. Everything was okay after I figured out the CSS snafus, but my add.cgi and my modfy.cgi pages break! They seem to be working okay, but I can't tell since I got stuck on this problem: The table width that the form is goes far beyond what it's coded to be. It's coded as a width of 425, to stay within the background borders, but it breaks out of that 425 width on the live site. When I look at it in Homesite on my hard drive, it's fine.

Can anyone help?

The Url is http://www.focalwidth.com/links/add.cgi and
http://www.focalwidth.com/links/modify.cgi (has the same problem)
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