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A BIG PROBLEM WITH NonEnglish+CatSearch...

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A BIG PROBLEM WITH NonEnglish+CatSearch...
Hello People,

I am with a great problem in relation to mods NonEnglish and CatSearch+SubCatSearch...

We go for stages:


When somebody makes a fetching, the system would have to return the categories thus:


Links in Feed

Feed: Drinks

Links in Drinks

Feed: Drinks: Coke

Links in Coke


But It this thus returning:


Links in feed


Links in Drinks


Links in Coke

Help me to FIX this BUG!


Now they are with the fetchings inside of the categories and subcategorias...

When I place in the field where="<%category_name%> " it this returning me the name from the category in Nonenglish...

Only that, it needs to return me this value as the real name from the category...


If I am in Foods: Drinks It needs to place the value of that field: Alimentos/Bebidas (english)

It this returning me the value thus:

Alimentação/Bebiçaés (nonenglish) - With ~ '.

How I decide these problems?

What's the variable %DIR% ? (dir = ex: Internet/Access/Providers).

Can I Help... Frown