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can gmail do this?

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can gmail do this?

I am helping a local village setup internet access. It is about a 20 person userbase we are working with. We will be using a Starband model 480 satellite modem with enduser connection via a wireless network. It is a pretty low budget affair ~ 5,000 dollars. The main problem with the Starband level of service is that it is not full duplex - sending and receiving cannot occur at the same time - and upload speeds are pretty darn slow. So, problems can arise when, say, a user sends an email with a 5 megabyte attachment. The upload can take ten minutes! and during that time simple page requests from othe users will be slowed to a crawl.

In order to get around this situation we are imagining setting up a server for mail, and if possible, FTP. We would like to somehow "sort" outgoing emails so that those above a size threshold(e.g. 200kb) are routed to an alternate cue for sending during the wee hours. Can Gossamermail be adapted for this situation (atleast the outgoing mail part)? Any other insight (like how to cue FTP "out" stuff in the same way)?

Advice would be appreciated.


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No, Gossamer Mail does not support queued mailings. I think you would want to implement this on the mail server level in any case (i.e. in sendmail/qmail/postfix).

For Qmail, you could write a wrapper for qmail-remote that would only send large emails between a specific time. I'm sure other mail servers could be modified as well.


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Re: [Alex] can gmail do this? In reply to
Thanks for the response Alex.