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Pre-sales questions

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Pre-sales questions

I'm looking to set up a web based email system for a school I work for in the UK. Gossamer Mail looks like a possibility. A couple of questions ...

I notice that there is address book support, but on the demo the address book is empty. Would it be possible to set things up so that new users automatically get an address book containing all current email addresses? Or perhaps, so that all users always see the up to date list. (not sure how this would work with them being able to add their own names).....

Each student is assigned to a supervisor. There are 15 supervisors. It looks as if I could modify the demographics table to include a field for the supervisor. Could this be a select field, to avoid errors? It would then be very good if a) admin can send email to all or a selection of students. b) supervisor can send group email to their own students (ideally with option to distinguish between year 12 and year 13).

We would welcome comments from others who have used the prograrm on whether this is feasible. We're confident to install modifications to the code if any exist ...

Virtual emails looks like a nice feature, and students will like the WAP phone support.

Thanks in advance for any comments ...
Tim Ault
Oxford UK
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Re: [timbo] Pre-sales questions In reply to
Hi Tim,

Automatically populating the address book is not possible "out of the box" but could be done fairly easily as a custom plugin.

A supervisor field could easily be added from the web admin, and made to be a select list. The admin can also do a search on users and send selected users a mass email. Allowing a supervisor to send an email to his own students would probably require some custom work though, as normally he would need to pick the students out of the address book manually.

Hope that helps,

Gossamer Threads Inc.
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Re: [Alex] Pre-sales questions In reply to
We've bought the program and got it running Smile

I've added a text field to the demographics table as described above. I've set form type to select.

I've edited the join_all_include.htm template so the field appears on the signup screen. But I'd like the field to be a select field. Please could you explain what I need to do to make this happen.

Many thanks
Tim Ault
Oxford UK