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Blcok spam mail automatically

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Blcok spam mail automatically
Is there a feature in gossamer mail to block incoming spam by dectecting it in such a way that if the sender is sending mail to several email boxes on the server at the same time, the mail automatically gets bounced. The admin can determine how many incoming emails can be received from the same adress at any given time. This would make a good feature to blcok spam but admin should have control.

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Re: [socrates] Blcok spam mail automatically In reply to

No, currently you can block spam by using filters (i.e. subject contains "free cash", or from contains "yahoo.com"), or a stop list (can block *@anydomain.com).

It wouldn't be too hard to add in though.


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Re: [Alex] Blcok spam mail automatically In reply to
Yes, I understand but the problem with blocking mail like that is, all mail coming in from yahoo for example, gets blocked and there are legitimate emails coming in from yahoo users which should not be blocked.

The method I mentioned will make a good feature in the new versions of GM.

Also, any plans on adding a calendar, task manger, contact lists - like they have at webumake.com mail?

I am about two decide between GM and webumake. Though I have been a user of gossamer Links for 2 years and I know the quality of GT products is good, the price is out of my range.