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vbulletin 2.3.2 integration with gmail

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vbulletin 2.3.2 integration with gmail

i am considering buying Vbulletin and main reason for it is integration with Gmail.

what i would like to know is is it possible to integrate vbulletin 2.3.2 with gmail 2.1. posts i have seen here r regarding vbulletin 2.2.

also after integration would it change any of fields in gmail or vbulletin database tables.

reason for asking this is i have another application which could be integrated with Vbulletin and what i want is Gmail integrated with vbulletin and vbulletin integrated with CMS.

if GMAIL doesnt change any of vbulletins database fields than it would be easier for me to integrate other application with vbulletin this way user could browse through whole site without logging in again.