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retrieving hotmail and yahoo accounts

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retrieving hotmail and yahoo accounts
Hi guys,

Was wondering if there were any plans yet on adding the ability to retrieve mail from hotmail and yahoo accounts through either pop accounts or in some other fashion. Now before you say hotmail isn't a pop account, I know that. But in doing some research I found that outlook can be configured to retrive mail from hotmail and then found this utility called gotmail which is in the freebsd ports and it's homepage is here
It's a utility to download mail from a HotMail account and either save it to disk or forward it using sendmail to another email address. Maybe this can be added in with a future release with the authors cooperation.

Yahoo is a pop account if you agree to receive their special offers through yahoo delivers so that should be pretty straightforward... as long as people know that... maybe there are a few other major places like this (aol, excite, etc..) that something could be added to the help file and a note added on the template page in the features page so people know they can get this mail there too.

just my $0.02
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Re: [JerryP] retrieving hotmail and yahoo accounts In reply to

YahooMail could be retrieved right now through the Remote POP feature. HotMail has an HTTP interface, so it shouldn't be too hard at building a plugin that would connect to the server and fetch off your mail.


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