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possible error in upgrading

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possible error in upgrading
I just went to install the upgrade to 2.0.5 and may have run into a problem. I was running install.cgi through shell and it just started streaming all the unarchiving lines it blew up my ssh connection with a max packet error or something like that. So now I'm wondering if it completed the install or not.

The last line I see is this one
Unarchiving (666) /www/htdocs/mail/images/fileman/toolbar/absmode.gif

I don't want to re-run the install yet because I'm assuming it will overwrite my original files with the backup of the backup if I run it again...

Any ideas on the best way to see if it actually completed the install process. It appears to have removed the install.cgi and install.dat files. Also, I think I was running 2.0.2 (not sure anymore) and wasn't sure if there were changes to the db structure.

I did go to the Fileman to see about the templates and when I clicked on Fileman I got this error
Error: GT::Template (33274): Unable to open template file '/www/cgi-bin/mail/data/admin/templates/fileman/compiled/home.html.compiled.print'. Reason: No such file or directory at /www/cgi-bin/mail/admin/GT/FileMan.pm line 130.
but I don't know for sure if that error was there before or not.

As a suggestion, maybe if the install is being run from the shell, there should be an additional option for upgrading and install to surpress printing to the screen "unimportant" messages such as the unarchiving of the files or maybe to print them to a temporary file that can be viewed later.
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Re: [JerryP] possible error in upgrading In reply to

Unless you see the 2.0.5 in the admin, it has not been upgraded. You can safely re-run it, it will just back up files again (for instance your templates will be default.bak, and then when you re run it, it will back up the templates again to default.bak2).


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