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performance Q - shared pop on multiple domains

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performance Q - shared pop on multiple domains
I was wondering if anyone had any experience with multiple domains and the shared POP3 setup. In particular, would it be more efficient in any way to set up individual boxes for each domain vs. setting up just 1 to catch it from all the domains? And are there downsides to either to watch for? And for the shared Mbox option, are there any rough ideas for what constitutes very heavy email traffic and is there a way to tell if my server would support that?

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It's definately a bit quicker if it's all in one pop box, however if you are dealing with large volume sites (> 10,000 users), then it's safer to split the pop boxes up (especially if you are using a regular mbox file to store mail).

If you are looking at more then 10,000 users, I would recommend trying out the shared mbox format. It most likely will require root access, as the script needs to access the mbox file directly off the server.



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