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feedback wanted - free vs. premium features/limits/price

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feedback wanted - free vs. premium features/limits/price
I'd like to get a little feedback from folks using GMail, especially from anyone who might be running both free and pay accounts. Basically, I want to set up a stripped down version with limits on everything for the free accounts and then if they pay, everything gets bumped up. Obviously the goal is to push people into the pay accounts and with the revenue from banners being what it is these days, I don't mind making the free one fairly limited in features, I'm not competing with yahoo or hotmail, these become a way people get a useful tool and can also help support the site with premium accounts. Here's what I'm thinking for options and limits:

free pay
space allowed 2.5mb 25mb
remote pop's 0 3
spam filter entries 5 50
mail folders 5 50
max email size 1mb 3mb
# emails to save 100 1000
upload total max size 1mb 3mb
upload max size 1mb 3mb
max # attach 1 10
max # sigs 1 10
max # mail filters 5 100
max # in addr book 10 250

Pricing, I'm figuring $24.95 or $29.95 per year for the pay account, that's only like $2/month. I know it's higher than yahoo's pay account, but again I'm not really trying to compete head to head with them. I'm almost tempted to do a monthly billing as well, maybe like $4.95 month (higher of course to account for getting hit with credit card fees 12 times per year instead of once).

I've purposely not set any unlimited values to options, one day I might want to add a "gold" account or something like that. I might do the same with the wireless templates later too (I haven't figured out yet how to handle wireless templates for the multiple domain scheme I'm using now).

Also, I'm thinking of also adding a no banner ad option as well (later on), for an extra fee.

What do folks think?