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I have just read the upgrading instructions for Beta 1 or 2 to beta 3.

There you can read.
"you MUST recreate your SQL tables. You will
lose all existing messages and users"

So, what the sense of this upgrade? I have more thant 2000 users.

Please I need an upgrade of this users to the last version.

Will you help me?

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Re: Upgrading???? In reply to
You should wait on the final release, that will be ready for transfer of the users. Beta should only be used for testing-purposes, and may or may not work. Also I think its best to use the old version hole the way to final relase, since upgrading from a beta to a stable version might also cause problem with regards to change in fields in database etc. I think GT will always have a solution to upgrade this, but better to wait.

Hope the final version appear sooooon ! (since I told my users that I soon would remove christmas images etc in the program, and now easter has gone, and its almost summer :-)