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Spamming using gmail

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Spamming using gmail
today i have found out that one of my user is spamming through gmail account and it really took lot of resources of my server.
here is the header info.
2004-04-07 04:20:43 SMTP connection from ****
2004-04-07 04:20:44 cwd=/home/****/public_html/cgi-bin/webmail/user 6 args: /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -oi - oeq -f ray_steve@ipaki.com
2004-04-07 04:20:44 1BAzs4-0007pr-3V <= ***@dedicated.ipaki.com U=*** P=local S=4820 T="#ASSISTANCE NEEDED# " from <****@dedicated.ipaki.com> for ray_steve@ipaki.com junior@kun.ne.jp junior@masterweb.it junior@primary.net junior@surfsouth.com junior@tstt.net.tt junior@wvi.com junior_28024@yahoo.com junior_ 513@yahoo.com junior_67203@yahoo.com junior_clement@hotmail.com junior_jr@clds.net juniorbuck@voyager.net juniorbuzz@yahoo.com juniorcastellano@netscape.com juniorleagueofb@mindspring.com juniormiz@mmcable.com juniormotel@dodgenet.com juniorng@cyberway.com.sg juniorpimps@hotmail.com juniorrowe@hotmail.com juniors@ golfboston.com juniors@golfweb.com juniors@stalybridgeceltic.freeserve.co.uk juniors@threeriversgolf.com juniorsmom_007@hotmail.com juniorsports@newtonmore.com juniortak@mail.root.or.jp juniortrigger@cs.com jun iper64@halfdolls.com juniper@aapi.co.uk juniper@interalpha.co.uk juniper@tiac.net juniper@vermontel.com j unipercards@yahoo.com junipergame@hotmail.com juniperidge@sedona.net junipers@super.net.pk junipher@minds pring.com junipur1@bellatlantic.net junis@yk.rim.or.jp junishii@m1.interq.or.jp junita@pacific.net.sg jun iti@maroon.tky.plala.or.jp junito@po.iijnet.or.jp juniusd@aol.com junivers@sprint.ca juniya-o@jafco.co.jp juniya-o@po.iijnet.or.jp junj@mail.goo.ne.jp junjdate@aol.com
2004-04-07 04:20:45 1BAzs4-0007pZ-8r <= pasqualina@pasqualina.com H=(mail.w-advertise.com) [
8]:1767 I=[]:25 P=esmtp S=5022 id=MFENKDAEAFGGADJINBKEGEODDEAA.pasqualina@pasqualina.com T="
Meeting on..." from <pasqualina@pasqualina.com> for aniqq1@ipaki.com
is there any way i could block this type of activity, in future other than kicking that user im using gmail 2.1
would be grateful for help.

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Re: [junaid] Spamming using gmail In reply to
You'll need to upgrade to the latest Gossamer Mail. There's a feature to limit the number of emails they can send in a day, and how people can they can send to in each email.