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Purge email problem

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Purge email problem
I set the date to 200 days, and purged it. It deleted every mail in the database, and didnīt look at how old it was. This was after upgrade to the latest version.

I have contacted GM, but just try to not use that function until it is clear if this is just a problem at my place or general...
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Re: [areh] Purge email problem In reply to
did you upgrade after this post or before it?

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Re: [ryel01] Purge email problem In reply to
Before this post. I was in email-discussion on thursday or friday with one of your employees, donīt remember who.

The first time i detected it was when I choose to delete mails that was over 200 days old. I though I did a mistake and left a wrong number.

However, after importing sql and all messages back into GM, I did it again and still it deleted all mails, no mather how old it was.

I have now restored backup again. So for now I think I will not try again for a while ;)