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Problem with Incoming.pl

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Problem with Incoming.pl
I'm getting this error when I try to run Incoming.pl:

Could not unlink E:/freegolfinfo/web/cgi-bin/gmail/data/tmp/incoming.lock. Reaso
n: Permission denied at E:\freegolfinfo\web\cgi-bin\gmail\batch\Incoming.pl line
882, <LOCK> line 1.
Unable to remove lockfile E:/freegolfinfo/web/cgi-bin/gmail/data/tmp/incoming.lo
ck; Reason: (Permission denied) at E:\freegolfinfo\web\cgi-bin\gmail\batch\Incom
ing.pl line 850, <LOCK> line 1.
END failed--call queue aborted, <LOCK> line 1.

Looks like a permission problem but I can't find anywere in the documentation or on here what the permissions should be set to and for which directories so I can try to check.

Another thing I was going to try was to manually delete the incoming.lock file in the data/tmp directory but I didn't know if that would hurt anything.

Can anyone help? Thanks, Justin
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Re: [jramers] Problem with Incoming.pl In reply to
Seems like the problem has fixed itself! Thanks.