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Personal Privacy

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Personal Privacy
I've found that the System Admin have authority to view all users's e-mail content, i think there might have some problem on the personal privacy . . . .

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Obviously, you do not understand how e-mail works, nor do you understand the laws on e-mail.

To not get into a big discussion on this, if you want to put up a disclaimer, or a prviacy notice, check out the BBS E-mail Privacy Act (I don't know the exact name). You probably can find a copy or citation to it at http://www.eff.org

The short is E-mail is NOT private, it's up to the company hosting it to have a policy. In fact, at work, your boss can read all your email, and at many companies they do.

Did you know email traverses the Internet as flat text files, so it can be read at any point it stops on it's way from sender to recipient? Did you know that it may be stored as many as 12 or 14 times before it reaches it's destination?

While I think you do bring up a valid point system administrators have to be aware of, but before pushing a panic button, you need to be aware of the technology and the laws regarding it.

I will try to find a citation to point to later. But I have to get through my email first (and that's a 2-3 hour job every day).

in short, here's a starting point:


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Re: Personal Privacy In reply to

Thanks for the feedback!

I do agree that some people might think this is unreasonable, but if you don't think that sites like hotmail, or yahoomail have the ability to view your email, you are mistaken. It is up to the system admin to create a policy on how they want to adminster their email system.



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