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New Signup Data randomly not written to disk?

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New Signup Data randomly not written to disk?
This happens quite frequently without any pattern though.

When Admin activates a New Signup Account, quite frequently the data is not written to the /data/users directory though the database has all the details and the space used for such cases shows 0.00

When After activating, in such cases the Admin clicks the Email link of the user from Admin, the same is written for such cases and then everything appears normal. I am sure that for such cases, where the user data is not written to disk, if the data is being deleted after activating, then it would definitely give delete error as there is no data in /data/users directory

I remember posting this quite sometime back when Adrian had replied that it was observed at GT end also but reasons not known. Also the question is that in such cases will the user be able to login and see the Wlcome Mail (asking this as no data is there on the disk for the User activated by Admin).