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Logging forwarding

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Logging forwarding
Hi all...

Below is a copy of a thread I had had with Adrian Yee about logging the forwarding. Not being the level of programmer Adrian is <hardly> I don't understand how to change this in my outgoing.pl. I hadn't heard back when replying, and am in desperate need of a purge in our system.

Could someone please tell me the code to insert?



At 04:10 PM 6/5/2002 -0700, you wrote:

One solution to this would be to modify outgoing.pl to update the user's last login date when it forwards an email for that user. In outgoing.pl, around line 320 (in sub send_forwards), right after it's loaded the user, you could do an update. If you want it to be more efficient, you can add a hash of username's, so that it doesn't update the same user more than once. The downside to this approach is that you won't know their real last login time.


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> Umm... what I mean is, by not having the users tagged as ones that are
> forwarded addresses, I can't purge users without accidently deleting the
> accounts that are forwarding.
> That would be a bummer.
> We had discussed initially to include their forwarding info in a database,
> so when we do a purge users query, it will omit the users that are forwarding.
> Ri

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