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Limiting number of messages sent per user

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Limiting number of messages sent per user
Because a number of people are using Gossamer installs to spam others, how can one limit the number of emails sent per user?

What I need to do is something like this.

1) Limit to 25 the max number of copies sent out per message. This means one cannot send to more than 25 recepients per message.

2) Limit this max to 25 per day. In other words, someone who sent 25 copies of the same message to 25 recepients should no longer be able to send more than 1 pieces at a time for the remainder of the day. While they may send 1 message at a time, they could not send to 2 people at a time.

3) those who send less than 25 copies would still be allowed to send as many as they want, as long as they do not reach the limit of 25 per message.
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Re: [Mama] Limiting number of messages sent per user In reply to

Those features aren't built into the program, but would be useful additions. We will look at adding them in, but if you need it immediately, contact info@gossamer-threads.com and we can give you a quote.


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