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GM: Individual mode

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GM: Individual mode

I am running into problems with GM and I would appreciate help.

I am trying to test GM in individual mode but am not sure if I understand how the program works.

Here is what I did:

a) I specified incoming mail under admin to be 'Individual mode'

b) I added domain names

c) I installed the authentication plugin

d) I added one of my POP users to GM

e) I logged in as that user

But I did not get any of that user email that was sitting in his pop box. Furthermore, when I click on 'check mail' I still get no messages. I know there is mail sitting in the POP box that I can download via outlook express.

Does incoming.pl have anything to do here?

All help would be quite appreciated

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Re: [frankLo] GM: Individual mode In reply to

No incoming.pl does not need to be used under Individual Mode. It looks like you did everything right, however adding the user is not required with the auth_pop plugin, if it's a valid pop account the program will auto create the user.

The best thing to do is to turn on debug in the admin, and then look at the error logs when you click on Check Mail. It should tell you what the problem is getting the email.


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