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Folders, addressbook, and categories

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Folders, addressbook, and categories

A) Is there a way to have nested folders? Right now no folder takes any subfolder and this becomes a real problem is one uses GM as main email client.

Can this be done as custom hack or is it beyond the scope of the current version? Is it something planned for future releases?

B) I have seen this mentionned in many places on the forum and so I guess many GM users feel it is an important feature to have, namely ability of admin to have domains grouped in categories with each category having its own default template and no overlap between different categories. I read that this is feasible now with current version but that it needs a custom hack. Any plans on making it standard in upcoming version of GM?

C) Finally, Address Book really needs categories/folders as well e.g. Business contacts, friends, family,...Again any chance of having that implemented soon?



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frankLo: Mar 24, 2002, 2:46 PM
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Re: [frankLo] Folders, addressbook, and categories In reply to

a. No, nested folders are not supported. It is something we would like to do for a future version though. The main difficulty is in the folder management aspect (controlling tree structures is never fun). It would probably be a difficult custom hack to do.

b. Yes, this is also something we plan to add.

c. This is the first request we've got for this, but it may be something we look at adding in.

Our plans are to release 2.1.0 in a couple of weeks which will have two new cleaner template sets (people have seen them here before), and will also add a few new user options: save to trash, save to sent. Also a few more tools to better manage the admin side. We'll look at nested folders and see how long it will take to do.


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