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Hi Alex,

I have read numerous posts regarding email forewarding or redirect. Is their a simple way to do this with Gossamer? If not will gosssamer be incorporating this feature into future launches?

Currently I have 200 emails in my inbox and 89 in my sent box and noway of saving them as one would in Outlook - sorry maybe their is I just haven't found a way. Could you help me here with a liitle direction? I don't know if this is a programming nightmare but is their any way of including floppy drive or other harddrive locations in the save to or move to once you have selected the email.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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Re: [apas] Email In reply to

Gossamer Mail does support email forwarding, the user can forward all mail to another email address. It can be enabled/disabled by the admin.

What you are describing sounds like a way to export mail though, currently this is not supported, but something we would like to add to a future version.


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