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Bugs & Behaviours - Current Demo Site 2.0.0????

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Bugs & Behaviours - Current Demo Site 2.0.0????
ok, here's a few just to warm you up.

(I just noticed the current demo site has version 2.0.0 listed in the admin area????)

These are things i found on the current gossamer mail demo site, testing with simple templates, cookies on, using netscape on a mac. Some of these may have already been picked up here in the forum, but I'll list everything I find anyway.


1. When you go to the login page, if you enter nothing and press "login" it doesn't return any error message.

2. If I select "WAP" template set, enter nothing and press "login" it tries to download the login.cgi file. In fact, if I have WAP selected and do enter something it still tries to download the script.


1. Just a suggestion - when I signed up I didn't enter any password question or answer. I then tried to use the password reminder service, but it returned this error "You are not authorized to use this function.". Perhaps the message would better read something like "You did not provide a reminder question and answer when you signed up, and therefore cannot use this service." Not authorised sounds like they've been blocked out instead of explaining why. Alternatively, if the user provided an email address instead, why not have the script recognise this and use an alternative method - "Would you like us to email your password to the email address you supplied when you signed up?". That way both options would be covered, otherwise I have no way to find out my password without hasseling the admin.


1. If I press "move" but don't select any message it doesn't recognise the fact, and continues to ask which folder I want to move the message to. (This causes more problems below)

2. If I press search, but enter no search term, it returns a list of all the messages. perhaps it should return an error like "enter a search term"?


1. The standard welcome messge had "=" characters all through it, possibly caused by line wraps entered in the original message? This also has the effect of wrapping the line after ever "=" character when you click the "print" link to print a plain text version.

2. If I press "move" and then press "header", a window pops up with the following message - Unknown Tag: 'msgsearch_header'

3. If I view a message and then press "move", it asks me which folder to move the message to. If I don't select a folder, but instead press "forward" it returns with this error message - ARRAY(0xb09465c) is not a valid message id.

4. If I forward the welcome message as html and receive it in Eudora, it arrives just as a long line of message instead of formatted in html.

5. If I send a message from eudora with an image attached it works fine. If I send am image with an image "inserted" it turns up as a broken image. - also, the file size of the two messages comes out different (not sure if this is normal behaviour - probably). The email with the inserted image is 13.39 KB and the mail with the attached image is 12.93 KB. This could cause some confusion if a messages attachment is 2mb but the size isn't counting the whole shebang.

6. With the message with inserted image above, if I press forward the link to the image turns up ok at the bottom of the page. But there is also another attachment called 2.txt which has no content and is 0 B in size. This file is actually sent in both cases if you forward either of those messages.

I'll start on Compose | Folders | Address Book | Signatures | Options after I make a coffee. Crazy


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