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Anyone seen this error on install

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Anyone seen this error on install
Hi all, We are working on setting up GM and ran across this error that I was wondering if anyone else has seen before

Error: Could not connect to POP server; Reason: Unble to read from socket, reason (No such file or directory)

We're pretty sure it's not a server issue, since we can get a telnet session open to port 110 from both localhost and the url. We get the error when trying to set up the incoming mail. Database is all set up and there are no problems there. We have also tested logging in to the default mail account we created as the shared account from yahoo check pop3 email and that works fine.

We just tend to not allow access to the box and so before we have to do that, I thought I'd check and see if anyone else has run into this... We've talked with Alex and like I said, we really work to limit access to the box, so his hands are a bit tried. I'm hoping someone else might have seen it. System is FreeBSD if that matters.


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I was thinking a bit more about this. Try turning debug on, and tail the error logs when you try to add a pop box. You should see what the script is sending to the pop server, and what it is sending back. Perhaps that might shed some light on it.



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