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Another WAP problem....

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Another WAP problem....

I've set the wap plugin on my GMail 2.0.6 and it seems work fine.

But now I've a problem with the default template login;

After an user make log-out on the wap templates, his default template profile setting switch to "WAP" and when he try to login via Web, he receives the home wap template page on his browser.....

How can I hold the user default template setting ??
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Re: [paolo] Another WAP problem.... In reply to
That's a bug with Gossamer Mail 2.0.6. You should be able to fix this by modifying your login.cgi.

If you take a look at login.cgi, around line 70, you'll see:
# Load all template specific files.
Change those two lines to:
# Update the template set with the user's default template set.
$t = GMail->template_set();
$IN->param(t => [$t]);
my $default = $USER->{users_default_template};
if ($default and $default ne $t and -e "$CFG->{location}->{path}->{data}/templates/$default") {
$USER->update_template($t) unless $IN->param('no_update');