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I checked in the search Purge messages > Folder trash. It shows 23 messages to delete.

Then I searched users within 60 min. login. Through search from their names, I opened their email-box. Then trash. I clicked on the Empty folder of trash. It had 19 messages. A green message was displayed that all the messages were deleted in folder trash.

I checked again the Purge messages in the folder trash. It still shows 13 messages!!!

There has been growing consistency in the inconsistency of the database regarding the messages that are stored in the harddisk and database, as shown by running inconsistency.pl!

This could be the reason.

Anathor observation. The space occupied shown in the admin for a particular mail box is different "Sometimes" after clicking on that email-box link from the admin AND thereafter re-loading that admin page.

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rajani: Jul 22, 2002, 11:52 PM
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Re: [rajani] [GMAIL 2.1.0 TRASH BUG] In reply to

Did you have any other search options set, or just Folder = Trash? It seems like there would be more then 23 messages in everyone's trash?


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Re: [Alex] [GMAIL 2.1.0 TRASH BUG] In reply to
Hello Alex!

Now after working with the new version, I begin to be familier with.

The reason was, as I see this every days and begin to feel it more than anything else, that by attempting to delete from the general TRASH through a search from alll users mail box.....produces a different speed of deleting ____THAN____ deleting the messages from the trash of an individual mailbox by function "Empty folder".

Also, if the script dies in the middle for what ever reason, while deleting through a general trash search, even than it shows a wrong statistics that it has deleted all the messages. Thats a wrong message which has misleaded me.