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Re: editors
Heye guys

here is a suggestion that Eliot suggested a while back to enable an <%editorinfo%> in category.html:

1) Within the sub generate_category_page, you would have to use the SELECT function to select the CategoryID from the Editors table and also select the corresponding UserID from the Users table.

2) Then you would have to define a variable for the Editor information, something like $OUT{editorinfo}.

3) Then in your category.html file, add the following tag:


Just a matter of hacking (trial and error) the page.cgi script and template file.

Well I can not say i am good in hacking but i have been trying for the last two days with no luck, i keep getting all sort of error messages.
If anyone out there can use Eliot's suggestion to provide a more detailed "scripting & hacking" info that will be a great help for me and a lot of the SQL version users.
For me the editors thing is what drove me to the SQL version most and I believe that a name display reward for the editor will be greatly appreciated.


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