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I don't understand

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I don't understand
Hi :)
Can somebody help me? I just try to install mod from mod section to add comments for my links. But it's doesn't work, i'm trying to do something, but i can't :( On page with this mod, autor write, that i must put first in first file, second in second e.t.c. but in some phrases is error, please, help me

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Re: I don't understand In reply to

Its usually best to contact the author of the mod in the first instance.

If you have no luck with the author, try posting details about the mod itself like; the URL for the mod, what the mod does, which files you've modified, what happens in your error and also any on-screen error messages you get when the error occurs. This helps others get an idea of what could be wrong Smile

Also the URL you've given leads to the following page error:

The requested URL http://innovator.ru/inew/links.css was not found on this server.

All the best