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Does anyone know?

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Does anyone know?

I have a category called "test" which has thousands of subcategories with links. I need to delete all the subcategories and move all their links into just the one main "test" category.

I saw only one post on this in the forum, and it was for moving just a couple categories/links. Any ideas on how to do such a large quantity?


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1. Beware of the Buildin-Limit of 1000 sets for a table in LinksSQL (or change it to another value?!)
2. Get phpmyadmin and learn how to do SQL.


update TABLE set FIELD = 'Value' where Field = 'Value'

update LINKS set CategoryID = '1' where CategoryID = '2' ----- you move all the links from cat 2 to 1;
remember to change the alt and related cats, if you have one.

To change all Links to on cat, try:
update LINKS set CategoryID = '1' ---- you move all the links to 1;

Maybe this could be more efficenter, but for me it works; before you begin, write clearly down, what you wan to do