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Testing Environment

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Testing Environment
After reading many posts about GT licensing, it seems as though I am
allowed a test install on the same domain or path.

My question is:
Am I better off using a subdomain (dev.domain.com), or
simply another directory in my cgi-bin?

I have just set up a test install using a subdomain, but am questioning my logic.

Live install is at domain.com/cgi-bin/links/admin
Dev install is at dev.domain.com/cgi-bin/links/admin (var/www/dev/cgi-bin/links/admin)

It seems to me that I would probably be better off just using:
Live install: domain.com/cgi-bin/links/admin
Dev install: domain.com/cgi-bin/links_dev/admin
with static paths of...
Live: domain.com/static
Dev: domain.com/static_dev

I am waffling because I am unable to protect the entire subdomain, keeping it private.
I can of course protect domain.com/cgi-bin/links_dev and static_dev

My other concern has to do with Mod Rewrite...
I would like to be able to use basically the same set of rules for dev as for live site.
It would probably be easy to duplicate a couple lines in my rules, and
add the dev urls to existing rules, allowing only 1 set for live and dev.

Any thoughts on the matter are appreciated.

RGB World, Inc. - Software & Web Development.
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Re: [rgbworld] Testing Environment In reply to
Hi Chris,

It does make sense to put your development installation in /cgi-bin/links_dev, in which case your rewrite rules are not that different from the ones on the live installation, and everything else is retained similarly.

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Re: [rgbworld] Testing Environment In reply to

I've done it both ways:

dev.domain.com and domain.com/dev

Which is "better" is up to you, and your server layout.

With dev.domain.com, only the domain name has to change in any files, your paths would be identical.

With using domain.com/dev, you have to make sure all the paths are changed when you move any files, but the domain is the same.

6 of 1 half dozen of the other, unless you have a need for one type of set up.

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Re: [pugdog] Testing Environment In reply to
Well, what works for me is a separate folder in cgi-bin/links_dev

I was having problems installing other required resources on the server
outside the domains html directory (ie subdomain).

Specifically Payment modules and ImageMagick were giving problems.
Also I was unable to protect the subdomian. I can do everything in cgi-bin.

Dev install is complete and working perfectly!
Just in case anyone else has to make the decision.

RGB World, Inc. - Software & Web Development.