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Static And Dynamic Properties

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Static And Dynamic Properties
I just have one quick question before buying about the any "Dynamic" properties links sql might have with its static building properties.

I have toyed with Links v2.0 and can see through the walk-through that the basic design is the same in both programs.

My Question is:

Lets say i have added three fields to my database: county, city, and type.

Can I create categories, or links to pages, that have a certain type in all counties, or all types in one county, or all cities in one county. etc. without having to create multiple links for the same file, i.e. one link in types, one link in counties, etc. I just say: make a static page with all links from x county, and make a page for all x types in x county.

How much control is there over this type of dynamic sorting. I would be quite happy if all these sections were statically build (SEO) but if I have to create multiple upon multiple categories to define certain sorting methods.

If anyone can clue me in to this aspect of Links SQL, i'd be very grateful

Charles Nutter
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Re: [charta] Static And Dynamic Properties In reply to

Sorry about the late reply!

I'm not 100% sure what you are asking. It seems to be a question of whether you can have one link in multiple categories. The answer is yes! In Links SQL (and in Links 2 with a mod), you can place a single link in multiple categories. If you change the link, the change will reflect in all categories that link is in.

In Links SQL dynamic mode, you can also resort any of the category pages by passing in the apropriate URL.


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Re: [Alex] Static And Dynamic Properties In reply to

Thank you for your reply, it was quicke enough

I persisted in my research, and found the multiple category mod for links 2.0, which works wonderfully for my current needs. My question was a bit jumbled, thanks for trying to dissect it.

Charles NutterTongue