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I can't go next page when I use "PHP" extension ?

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I can't go next page when I use "PHP" extension ?
I want to use PHP as a extension.
So I changed as below.
# The extension to use for non index files:
$build_extension = ".php";

It works well in the normal index and non index files.

But after the "Login", I got a problem.
In the templetes, we use <%next_span%> code to go next or previous page.
This code make like this
"Page: 1 2 [>>]"

And I pressed "2", but I got this type of message.
"We don't seem to have a category by the name '3/4/7/more2.php"

So I changed the extension "shtml', It works well.
Why ?
After the Login, I can't go next page when I use "PHP' as a extension.

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Re: I can't go next page when I use "PHP" extension ? In reply to
The login changes the system from a static to dynamic build.

PHP and CGI can't coexist without a lot of pre-planning.

The short of the matter is, if all you are hoping to do is change the
extension from .html or .shtml to .php and have everything work, it won't.
(Not as long as the server sends .php files to the mod_php module.)

Links can generate _static_ .php pages, that your server will serve
up as dynamic .php pages. But you can't serve up dynamic .cgi pages,
and have the .php processor process it (at least for all practical

This has been discussed before, do a search on php in the Links SQL
Discussion forum.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/

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Re: Thank you ! In reply to
Thank you for your answer.
I got it.