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I boght it, you should also! :)

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I boght it, you should also! :)
This post is for everyone who is in dilemma to buy it or not. Believe it, if you can afford it, buy it.

Just can't believe how day after day I discover new options in this script. It is big, and it is great!

When I download it and saw there is "only" 7MB I thought "What the hell?! I pay $450 for this?!" but now I know why the price is so high or should I say so low as it seems to me now.

I have low budget and couldn't afford to buy it so I talked with Jack. Several days after script was installed on my server. What he did was giving me great payment plan so at the end I COULD afford it!

At the beginning have several problems starting from installing it on my server but support was speckless and everything solved in a couple of minutes.

To sum all this up - with that crew, this software package just can't be inferior, it is great and I mean GREAT, as crew is!

Best regards to all good people.

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