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Data from a second LinksSQL

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Data from a second LinksSQL
Hi there, hi pugdog,

has someone thought about how to get data from a second links to the main site?
e.g. we have one main site as a search-engine, another for reports (no public adds possible) and a third for a shopsystem (no public adds, too)

At the main site i would have the last 5 new reports from the second db at home; for every cat-page i insert via tag five random products.

Without watching the code this moment, it should be done with:

Adding the pathes for Links2 and Links3; and then do queries from the main scripts to the other dbs and give the data out with tags.

Maybe the same could be done with only mysql-tables without using a whole links for the shop e.g.

Have someone done such things ?


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Re: Data from a second LinksSQL In reply to
It's not hard to add databases, tables, extra data, etc.

It really depends on your layout,and how you are trying to interact with it.

I've run a catalog, shop and extra databases right from the same "database" just using additional tables, and using standard database practices to link the data (key fields).

I'm still waiting for the next links to do anything really major, since things are going to be changing.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/