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yahoo-subcat-plugin: font ?

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yahoo-subcat-plugin: font ?

I have the "yahoo-subcategories-PlugIn" installed in my LinksSQL.

Is it possibe to change the FONT of these subcategories by using CSS ?
I can only see one field where it is possible to change the size, but I would like to define the size with pixels like "13px".

this is what I currently see (just a field):

Plugin Options:
font of the subcategory.

subcat_font: font size=2

Please help.

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erichcyber: Jan 29, 2005, 9:34 PM
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Re: [erichcyber] yahoo-subcat-plugin: font ? In reply to
Because the <a href=""></a> is automatically generated, I do not think it is possible to change the font using css regular methods.

Instead of using the plugin, I always found it easier to just type in the links manually under the main category descriptions.

You could try something like this in the description field:

<span class=subcats>SUB0</span>, or you could uninstall the plugin and edit YahooSubcats.pm

Change this line:

$description.=qq|<a href="$cat_url"><$cfg->{subcat_font}>$row->{Name}</font></a>|;

To this:


$description.=qq|<a class="subcats" href="$cat_url"><$cfg->{subcat_font}>$row->{Name}</font></a>|;

I personally would not use the plugin at all, and edit the description fields manually, but thats just me.

Hope this helps,

- Jonathan
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Re: [erichcyber] yahoo-subcat-plugin: font ? In reply to
You can set the "font-face" in the plugin settings.

subcat_font: font class="my_class"

..or similar.

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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