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v2.1.2 -> 3.0.4 Upgrade

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v2.1.2 -> 3.0.4 Upgrade
I'm looking at doing a v2.1.2 -> 3.0.4 upgrade. I read the upgrade file, but it is not elaborate.

A few questions for anyone with experience kind enough to answer:

1) I have added many field to links and categories tables. I assume that the upgrade will not care about this or cause problems?

2) Does the vBulletin v3 integration module still work?

3) "Note: You must run the upgrade the same way the program was installed (either from the browser, or from shell)." I installed this 3 years ago and I do not remember. Plus, it has been ported from Windows/IIS->RHE/apache since then. Does it really matter and is there a way I can check?

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Re: [vicos] v2.1.2 -> 3.0.4 Upgrade In reply to
1) no, unless any of your custom fields clash with new 3.x fields. If there are any, the installer will warn of this.
2) I would assume so. 3.x is more like a "service pack" upgrade, rather than a full new version. There are many changes to the backend, but not much that would cause widespread incompatibility with existing plugins.
3) Try installing and see what happenes. If you get a lot of permissions errors using one method, then try the other.

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