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using browser.cgi

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using browser.cgi

I have a website where I have started giving people the opportunity to get a folder where they can store their online bookmarks in, by giving them editor rights to that folder.

I am only interested in having them changing a few lines.
the lines are: Title, URL, description, contact name and contact e-mail.
I don't want them to be able to add credits to the link, change flags I have and other stuff..

Is there some way I have prevent them from doing this, only showing the few lines to then that I want them to be able to change, leaving all the other out when the add a link?

Hope someone out there can help me Tongue

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Hi Bent,

I've been looking through the forums here and working on something along this line for the past few days nonstop with no luck. It seems that any post you find simply diverts you to wait until the next release/version that will have a more extensive editor menu....which I guess will also feature the multiple category solution as well Pirate
Perl Hopefull
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Re: [stilton] using browser.cgi In reply to
Thanks Stilton...

I haven't been able to find anything either... Unsure
But thanks for trying Wink