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user sign up problems

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user sign up problems
I am having a problem with my user sign-up form. When i enter a user name , password and e-mail address i just get the following message

"Please fill out all fields completely."

I have tried different names , passwords and e-mail addresses but all to no avail. I can't think of anything I have changed except installing a plugin.

Any ideas what i could check
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Re: [chapelier] user sign up problems In reply to

Which plugin did you install? Assuming your signup_form.html template hasn't been changed, then there shouldn't be any reason it doesn't work.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] user sign up problems In reply to

It was rgb plugin captcha and e-mail. I have just sorted the problem I didn't see the check boxes for Plugin Hooks

The captcha didn't seem to be working on the register page so I just disabled it.