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multi-select question

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multi-select question
Dear all,

I just added an additional column(e.g. shirt colour) in the links table. It's a multi-select field. That means pepole can select more than one option at the same time.

But I don't know how to use "if tag" to display the information. For example, a shirt that have the following colour availabe:

Shirt 1 colour: red, green, blue.

How can I use "if tag" to display in the following way?

Red : Yes
Green: Yes
Blue: Yes
Black : No
Orange : No

I tired to use the following tag:

<%if shirtcolour eq 'Red'%>
Red : Yes

But it can't correct show the colour in red is available.

There is so some strange thing in the database. When I look at the column, it stored the information like that:

Is it a problem?

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Re: multi-select question In reply to

Currently there is no "like" option in the Template module. We will release an update tonight or tommorrow that will allow you to do:

<%if Shirt_Color like 'red'%>

and as long as the word red is somewhere in there, it will match.



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