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how to copy subcategories ?

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how to copy subcategories ?

I have some categories and subcategories. My site will be a portal for tourism, so I structured the category tree also in "Summer" and "Winter" (I think it is better to start with this structure from the beginning, not just on the detailed-page ? is this a good idea ?).

One subcategory is called "Resorts and Towns" and underneath are a couple hundred subcategories like "Town-Name-1" and "Town-Name-22, etc.

Now I want to copy "Town-Name-1" from category-tree "Summer" to category-tree "Winter" like this (see tree below):


Start - SUMMER - Provinces - Salzburg - Resorts and Towns - Town-Name-1

want to COPY to:

Start - WINTER - Provinces - Salzburg - Resorts and Towns - Town-Name-1


I figured that in the LSQL-Admin-Browser it is not possible to say "copy this category to here", it is just possible to create "relationships".....but I do not want a "relationship".

Please help (I do not have a clue about PHPmyAdmin).