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date_is_valid() - how does it work?

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date_is_valid() - how does it work?

If I enter either of the following to the date_is_valid routine it returns the same result.

my $result = date_is_valid('2004-06-10 10:30:20');
my $result = date_is_valid('2004-06-98 10:30:20');

Does this subroutine just check the formatting? or for real dates?

Obviously the 98th of June isn't a real date so I would have thought that would return an error?

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Re: [ryel01] date_is_valid() - how does it work? In reply to
I think it works more on a UNIX timestamp. So, basically you need to convert the date into UNIX format (something like date2unix or similar), and then do the checks from there.

Never really played with that function though (only the "add" and "remove" day routines .. which I can't remember the names of...LOL).


Andy (mod)
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