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d=1&d=1 problem

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d=1&d=1 problem
Hi there,

I'm having some difficulties with d=1 reproducing and/or arraying itself in different situations. This did not happen with 2.04 or 2.03 or 2.01 - it just started with 2.05.

This is what's happening -
one of my subroutines is bringing in all category links as a menu on the page.
but if d is set to 1 then those urls get parsed to read page.cgi?g=category&d=1&d=1. When I click on any of those links, all the other urls then become d=ARRAY(0x86173c8) and those original category links become: page.cgi?g=category&d=ARRAY(0x86173c8)&d=ARRAY(0x86173c8)
the same is true for the other dynamic preserve fields.

any ideas?

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Re: d=1&d=1 problem In reply to
Do all links on a page have this or only some? It could happen if things get double parserd for some reason.



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Re: d=1&d=1 problem In reply to
There are two scenarios happening on the same page

some links on the page have in the parsed url d=1&d=1 while others in the same page have d=somefunkarray. The original coding from gossamer comes out as d=somefunkyarray, the code that I'm trying to create comes out as d=1&d=1

When I dumped the variables on the page whereever I was bringing in the <%URL%> it comes out as
http://mywebsite.com/category/index.html - so I can't tell how or where or why it's getting double parsed.